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Garden Design For Your Northern New Jersey Property

Make your Alpine area home stand out with professional garden design services. For the most dependable garden design work in Alpine, look to none other than the local pros at Rock-N-Gardens. Here’s a quick rundown of just some of the services we provide:

garden restoration

Garden Restoration

Harsh weather, periods of drought, and a host of other uncontrollable issues are bound to wear down your garden over time. When your once-beautiful garden wears down in this way, we’ll get it back in shape in no time with a garden restoration.

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bed maintenance

Bed Maintenance

A well-maintained bed is key for ensuring both the beauty and health of your garden. If you lack the green finger necessary to keep your garden bed in tip-top condition, we’ll get it back in shape with bed maintenance.

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tree removal

Tree Removal

Old or sickly trees diminish your home’s beauty and value, and worse still, they present a major safety hazard for you and your family. When you have a problematic tree on your hands, we’ll get it off of your hands with tree removal.

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shrub and tree transplanting

Shrub & Tree Transplanting

Good landscape design in Alpine involves the smart placement of shrubs and trees. We’ll make those beautiful changes a reality with our shrub and tree transplanting service.

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Pergolas are good for extending the usable space on your property and for allowing you to spend a greater amount in comfort outside. If you’re missing out on the advantages of a pergola, get on the phone with us, and we’ll fix that ASAP.

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When your sod looks great, your entire property will look great. We can ensure your home will boast the most beautiful look by providing only the healthiest and most beautiful sod in Alpine.

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Our Latest Success Projects

Cambridge Paving Stones Walkway Reconstruction and Bluestone Step Installation in Ramsey, NJ
Belgian Block Driveway for New House in Franklin Lakes, NJ

During the new construction of this beautiful home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, Rock-N-Gardens was asked to design and install a driveway with a Belgian Block border [...]

Cambridge Paving Stones Walkway Reconstruction and Bluestone Step Installation in Ramsey, NJ
Cambridge Paving Stones Walkway Reconstruction and Bluestone Step Installation in Ramsey, NJ

Our client in Ramsey, New Jersey needed to redo his walkway after buying his first house. First, RockNGardens demolished and hauled away the old outdated walkway. We cleaned up the area and prepped it for the new stones [...]

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